[Suggestion] Add in the Kajman to the helis available at rotary

Hello everyone! I am just here to make a suggestion, I know that myself as well as many others would love to see the Kajman usable for us at rotary. I know it spawns every now and then as a reward and I love that however I believe it would be even better if the kajman spawned at rotary! some arguments against this might be:

  • That it might get confused with enemy kajman - however once people are used to seeing it as friendly this will not be an issue for very long, as seeing as there is already friendly shikra and xian I doubt itll be much of an issue.

  • We dont need any more aircraft - you can just replace the xian since its basically the same as the kajman just in a VTOL platform, or even replace the blackfoot if necessary as it does a objectively better job at both CAS as well as the ability to transport.

Let me know what you think!


Have no issue with it being added in at rotary but it is no where near the same as the xi-an. The xi-an speed is a huge advantage when doing transport and that is its main purpose. The kajman main purpose is a heavy attack heli with secondary purpose as a transport. The xi-an also has way more survivability because you can easily run from enemy air. I would never support ditching the xi-an for the kajman. Not in a million years. Way to easy to take out a kajman.

I understand where you are coming from, I was only stating that as my opinion and only if necessary to have it replace something. Obviously if we can just add it without removing anything else that would be best but im just trying to compromise, I respect your opinion!