Status Update

So I have been writing the mission for NAK Tac and was about to begin my testing when Arma 1.80 came out and made it so we could not use the existing configuration of the server. They release the hotfix a week later that allowed the server to work,

Then as many of you already know, we had someone attacking NAK servers, and to help keep other NAK servers running, the NAK Tac server was used as our TS server. The TS issue was resolved yesterday with the purchase of a new server.

So I was going to finish my testing and lo and behold ACE3 changed the way the mod works on December 20th so the mission will have to be fixed to work with the new version of AC3E. I am hoping if no other issues arise that the server will be online on the 26th or 27th of December.

I will post an update here for everyone.

Any user that has submitted an application but has not been approved, after the server is online we will begin processing the applications and you will hear from us.