Ssgt. Porter

While in a Vortex slot, intentionally dropped bombs on friendlies after stated it’s “their fault” on TS. He killed at least four friendlies in two separate drops. After asking that he stop TK’ing he said it was one person and “their fault” for not working with a squad instead of jumping into the middle. This happened a few minutes ago at about 22:00 EST.

ok will talk to him about this problem

Fox, he was also having issues playing as a team in Zeus, when we did the pilot rescue mission on the other night. It wasn’t a major misconduct so I don’t think an official report is needed immediately, but I thought I should have this noted on record since Kohbo also noticed an issue of his now.

Sgt Meister was squad lead, I was the marksman, and he was a Riflemen/Grenadier assigned into overwatch team with me during the rescue of last pilot. He refused to let the DMR to take the primary engagements and perform his recon/spotting/cover duties, instead he insisted on constantly firing his M4 at enemies over 300 m away (and he did missed a lot…). In a professional manner, I asked him to hold his firing, informed him of his assigned duty and issues of exposing friendly positions for spray shooting tracers. He rejected my request, denied his duty, acted solo and argued of doing a better job than others because of scoring multiple kills.

Ok thanks hammer