Somboody please just answer.

Are you guys ever going to start up the tanoa server again? I miss it and I feel like other people would like it to. :slight_smile:

I heard something in the wind about it very recently…

I overheard Vile on TS say that Tanoa is coming back online, but if it doesn’t get attention, it could be used for something else.

The plan is for Tanoa to come back soon. The tentitive schedule puts it back online in the beginning of February.

In the past Tanoa has not been a very active server. We are going to do everything we can to make the mission perfect, it will then be up to the players to make sure that there is enough activity to keep it running.

I anyone has suggestions to make the server better, or if you have mission idea please feel free to post them. For server suggestion post in this forum, for now. For mission suggestion submit a Mission Suggestion Form.