Slight delay

We may have a slight delay in getting the server back up and running. After the DLC update, battlEye does not like to run on a port other than the default and we have been using a non default port. (The server was originally setup to run multiple servers at once). Once we resolve the issue the server will be back online.

I have made a couple changes to the NAK Tac collection, do to an issue with the VSM All in one collect server key, and I also added MCC 4, which is a tool we are giving players to create their own dynamic missions.

I will provide an update shortly

Is there anything we can do to support you in this?

It is a bug in Arma that needs to be resolved, or we need to reinstall the server. We are not holding our breath for the first option. The second option is just going to take time, as it needs to be done by a third party.

Arma did fix the BattlEye issue with the last hot fix. I will finish testing this week and we should be good to go around the 16th.