skeez misconduct report

Name: skeez
description of offense: i just got in the wipe out when he decided to stand in front of it so i told him to get out of the way but he dint he kept saying get out i had this first when i was outside the hanger waiting for a jet to spawn i saw the wipe out spawn and ran over to it i got inside and prepared for taxi when he stepped in front of it so i called for an admin in global chat none answered so then i alt-tabbed to go poke and admin in ts to say this was happening then i looked back i game and the game set my throttle to 2 which killed him this happened multiple times (im pretty sure it was my joystick being weird) this went on until i gave up the jet to get the shikra
server misconduct occurred on: altis invade and annex
were there admins on: no not in the ts or the server as i explained in the description of the offense they wouldn’t respond.
no further evidence available other than a couple other peoples word that i cant remember the name of.

My suggestion to anyone “waiting” for a jet to spawn would be for them to plop their butt down on the spawn point so it is clear to all others in the area of that person’s intent to take the next spawn. If the person “waiting” is running around a distance away from the spawn point I do not think this qualifies as “waiting”, at least not a clear and concise expression of waiting.

I also do not think that calling “dibs” on the next spawn when one is not at the spawn point qualifies as the next person in line for the spawn. In other words, if someone spawns in on the carrier, then decides to check the jet status at the hangers, they should not be allowed to call ownership of the jet at the hanger until they are physically there and at the spawn point.

Skeez is Nak Elite and unfortunately not required to be on TeamSpeak, which could have remedied the situation as both pilots could have discussed the matter verbally.

-My 2 cents.

Yeah I would have to agree. If you are at main airfield it is best to pick one of the jets and get next to that spawn, not stand in front of all the hangars. You’ll have to wait but then at least you’re completely in the right to take that jet when it is available again.
It’s unfortunate there wasn’t someone on to help you at that time but hopefully getting close to one of the aircraft spawns will prevent future issues.