This is SSG Zero with another segment of Radio Procedures and today i’ll be going over Sitreps. Just to give a little heads up Radio Procedures will most likely run into next week after going through the manual again myself, this just means that you will have more time to ask questions about any of the topics i cover under Radio Procedures.

What is a Sitrep.
The situation report, or Sitrep for short is a quick way for the leader of the team to get information on his troops and send it up to command in an fast and efficient way.
Sitreps can be asked at the Fireteam, Squad, Platoon and Company level. Calling for a Sitrep as a leader is as simple as saying “(element your asking for), send sitrep over” or “(element you are asking for), report in over”.

Examples of how this call can be made are as follows:
Platoon level : via platoon radio net: “Squads, send sitreps over.”
Squad level :via squad radio net: “Team leaders, give me a status report over”
Fireteam level :via squad radio net: 'Thunder 1, report in."

Sitreps are generally asked for during lulls in the action, at the close of an engagement, or when a higher level leader asks for them. If a leader wants the status of a specific member or element, he will ask them directly.

When a Sitrep is asked for, Squads will respond in the following order Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc while fireteams will respond in numerical order. When being asked to give an Sitrep, a junior leader like a 2ic is allowed to reply with “stand by over” or “wait one over” letting the sender know your squad leader is busy at the moment and will respond once available.

Sitreps are not intended to be incredibly in-depth, unless necessary. When a leader wants a more detailed report, they will ask for an Ace report.

A basic Sitrep simply includes what you are doing and your availability or status. For example “Lightning 2-2 Rear protection, Active over” or “Wolf 1-1 Loading Ammo, available for tasking 2 mikes over”.

This concludes Sitreps if you have any questions once again you can contact me in a pm or you can post on here and i’ll do my best to respond with timely fashion and with the best answer possible to your question. The next topic that will be going up is ACEreps.

To read the more in detail version of Sitreps click this link go down to “Section 13” Scroll down to MESSAGE PROTOCOLS and it will be the second sub-section called SITREP.