Show off your Loadouts (Custom/Vanilla)

Post screenshots of your proudest loadouts, whether they’d be vanilla ArmA 3 gear or modded gear. Maybe other players will end up finding yours as an inspiration or download the mod pack you used and see what you’re wearing (it’s never fun being told you’re in your knickers).

The Black Ops Infantry Loadout
Uniform: [VSM] Multicam Black (Cyre)
Vest: [VSM] Multicam Black Platecarrier
Backpack: Assault Pack (Black)
Headgear: Beanie
Facewear: [VSM] Shemagh + Facemask (OD)

Primary Weapon: [SMA] ACR Remington Blk
Secondary Weapon: 4-five .45 ACP

Mod Packs Used:
VSM - Uniforms
VSM - Vests and Helmets
Specialized Military Arms (SMA)

My Bandit
Uniform: Caucasus Insurgency
Chest: Vests, Helmets and Caps by hotshotmike1001

SWAT 80’s
Uniform: Complementary Police
Chest: TAC vests

Patrol Sas Afgha LR
Uniform&gear: 3BAF mods
Hat: Caucasus Insurgency

Royal Marines
3CB BAF mod’s
UK Special force by massi

Chasseur Alpin ( Alpin French Trooper )
Uniform & Bag: BCA by sakyraba
Gear: C.O.S. by sakuraba
Weapons: R3F & RHS

NAK Ingeneer with his drill
S&W 500 Complementary weapons

Mods C.O.S.

And more

Only NAKsquad servers will allow mods like these…

I’m using the female models from the ENFORCER mod, and the female voice from RHSUSAF
If I can get the Leona model from VX Pack, then its gonna replace my char ASAP.

The OP rifle is the SRS Bulldog from EricJ Weapons Pack.
Its accurate enough to easily take down targets up to ~800m away.

My sniper of choice is the L115A3 (Black) from 3CB BAF Weapons.
It is a very accurate and powerful bolt action sniper rifle.
I’m mainly using it because you can hold off on recharging the bolt by holding down shift.

My infantry loadout is pretty much just those two, with a variant having the SRS Bulldog with grenade launcher attachment.
I mainly play as a jet pilot, so my infantry setup is probably not the most ideal.

My reasoning for switching to this is that I still get accidentally shot at while wearing full stealth camo (invisible to IR), so might as well die in dignity. Wearing underwear in the displays of others.

I’ve since gotten the leona female model from the VX Pack, so I’ll do a new post instead of editing my prev one.

This is the base setup that I use to add weapons/loadouts. (removed NVGs so the shadow doesn’t block anything)

This is my new rifleman gun, the SCAR-H STD (black) from the Specialist Military Arms (SMA) mod.
It has incredible damage and accuracy up to ~800m, it even has full auto.

My only gripe about having this OP model is that since its relatively “exclusive”, pretty much no one will see me using it.
I’ll forever be some weirdo in underwear to 99% of the players in NAK servers.

Task Force Black Uniforms(Project Zenith Retextures)

Some good Gorka: 3cd, m81, ucp, dpm, desert dpm, desert night and desert marpat, plain gray and olive drab

Here are some of my favourite.

I love concealment, hence most of my screenshots are sniper related.

Invisible killer

Thanks to the mods allowed here, i have a selection of over 20 Ghillie suits, ranging for any type of terrain.

Night time ghillies:

Some misc. Snipes:

Can you spot the sniper?

Urban CQB both for day and night times:

And always remember, just because it looks like a bush, doesn’t mean that it’s a bush:

Happy gaming.


Beautiful !! :astonished:
Can u help us to find this mod ? What is the name plz

Hi rati, its a combination of several mods (ghillie suits, rifles, scopes, etc)…

I would say that for what you are asking the mods in question are:

Trixie’s Sniper/Marksman Rifles Pack v3.0 : Trixie's Release Thread - ARMA 3 - ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE - Bohemia Interactive Forums
Wildcatbridge65’s Ghillie Suits all in one : Steam Workshop::Wildcatbridge65's Ghillie Suits all in one
Russian Ghillie Suits : Steam Workshop::Russian Ghillie Suits
Hidden Ghillies : Steam Workshop::Hidden Ghillies
ASDG Attachments :
and as a dependcy for the above attachments: @ASDG_JR : Steam Workshop::@ASDG_JR

These combined will give you an awesome sniper experience :wink:

Have fun.

This is one guy you don’t want to meet alone in the dark :smiley:

Nice ! really cool, thanks you

The guillie from Project Zenith is not bad too.

A weird sniper uniform. I have no idea what another player would see me like if he didn’t have this mod loaded.

I can imagine on a PVP server, this uniform being really OP for a hidden sniper in the distance :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh well, enjoy.

Just a shame that the actual suit under the fake plants leave a thermo signature.


rather just have a uniform that can self adjust by looking at the terrain grid type then it will adjust its colors and greenery blending via the scrollwheel when you are prone based on whats around you.

just add a chamaleon player model to the game lol

that would defeat the point of having your ghillie look like whats around you… Im talking grass and stuff, you going that far then hold my beer, *pulls out a Ghost in the shell thermoptic camouflage hooded trench coat. and a SMG with HVAP ammo.

I seeeeee youuuuuuuu

You can also order your very own sniper at amazon or ebay. Will be shipped in a high quality box with instructions.


I believe you are looking for the Predator cloaking camo lol

Im not talking cloaks, transparencies or even the uniform changing… Im talking the addon stuff like bushes and tall grass and so on. that you get from the surroundings