Server crashing

I’ve noticed that the server crashed around 5 minutes after the server restarts, I don’t know the cause of it right now, just wanted to let you guys know. Might be the new DLC.

Thank you, Claws is aware of the situation and looking into it.

Indeed server been crashing and idk why . Someone reported that the server crash when u lock an enemy jet and shoot over the no shooting area at base . So if u are a pilot please try that . So we can resolve this issue

Don’t believe that is the issue cause I was doing it last night.

yes that was the issue we did and the server crashed

Hmmm…last night I kept engaging jets over the airport and it never crashed. Got the don’t goof at base message at least 3 times.

Actually I think 1 time it did crash. I know I was dodging missles over the airport. I don’t remember what I was in so I don’t know if I was dog fighting in a jet or fleeing in the xi-an but I remember the server crashing during it.

At least you know what it is now.

good luck on a fix.

We believe that the issue is resolved, if you see evidence that the server has crashed, please report it here or message Claws in TeamSpeak.