Saturday February 3rd 5:00pm ET

Operation Elais
The event will start at 8:00pm Eastern Time. Please try to show up early to test your mods and connect to the server. This mission will use the Takistan map from CUP, part of the NAK Tac mod pack.

Players will be able to join late, but please do not interfere with the mission. Once you have connected press “Y” to ping the Zeus and ask to the joined with the squad.

Situation: The NAK Tactical team of the United States NATO forces has been called in to take back a critical piece of infrastructure from Takistani Forces. The Takistani Army have taken control of the Lalezar oil fields, and are threatening to set the fields ablaze if they are threatened in any way. Income from oil is key to the rebuilding effort of Takistan. You will face mostly Takistani Army at the oil fields, but the surrounding area is a Takistani Militia stronghold. There are reports the the HQ for the Takistani Militia is located in a cave overlooking the oil fields.

Mission: A coordinated, well timed strike is critical to the success of the mission. You must prevent the Takistani Army from destroying the oil fields. Command recommends a pre-dawn attack, hopefully catching the Takistani Army off guard, and maybe asleep. Once the oil fields have been recaptured , NATO forces will more in to secure the resource while the NAK Tactical forces, eliminate any Militia in the area. NAK Tactical forces will have UAV’s available for overwatch.