SAM replacement

There is a unfair amount of SAM, it’s bad enough that you have to deal with jets all the time but haveing SAM and not knowing where they are and that they have range and ammo on there side. Wont it be more fare if you replace the SAM sites with ZSU Tiger and have them move around the map as at least you can lock on with AG rocket and they only have 8 short range missiles and a 30mm gun.

I don’t find them unfair at all. It’s not hard for cas or cap to find them and take them out.

In my opinion, I believe that the current state of Static AA is good. Once you start getting locked you will be able to find out where it is.

Static AA across the map adds an extra challenge to pilots, and also incorporates Static AA launchers into the map in some way other than just having ground enemy vehicles.

I dont think it should be changed

If I may make a small suggestion, since players normally should ask CAS for help, there is nothing wrong with CAS asking players for help too. That being said, if there is a tripple A up (If i find them I usually mark them on the map and inform the pilots) why dont pilots ask ground troops for help on that matter to take out the AA?

I don’t think it’s a big problem for a ground unit to go and take it out… If i were asked i would do it anytime.


Ground units? There are ground units in this game? :laughing:

its not a big deal anyway, be happy they dont have unlimited ammo…

From the Encore Update changelog:

*Fixed: AI in Nyx spammed missiles too fast
*Tweaked: Radar-guided missiles are now slightly less immune against countermeasures

So hopefully that helps with the sudden “I have 10 missiles coming directly at me and countermeasures won’t do anything”. For what it’s worth, I find the AAA very annoying too, but I actually like it despite my annoyance because it prevents CAS from just zooming into a freshly spawned primary AO and taking out 99% of everything with clusters and gun runs before the first infantry jumps in.

I agree. CAS and CAP should have more threats to deal with. That said, when flying transport (my most frequent role) I am also effected - and defensibly helpless, much to the dismay of any unfortunate passengers I may have! Still, having challenges that require creative thinking and group cooperation to overcome are at the core of keeping this game interesting.

In my limited experience, this is how I would characterize the usual Altis scenario:

CAS rushes in to a new AO, as mentioned above, and takes out many targets, as there are few or no friendlies yet. Then the infantry appears and there is a mad competition to rack up scores before targets are depleted. During the invade and defend stages, CAS swoops in and wipes out any AI spawns that are any safe distance from friendly locations. BAM, BAM, BAM…it’s over. If you didn’t get there soon enough you miss the whole show.

By comparison, after some hours on the Malden server in the infantry role, with generally no more then a handful of other players, I have enjoyed the slower pace that allows you to get very immersed in the tactical challenges of succeeding against greater odds. A small handful of players can take an hour to successfully take an AO. It is also common to be numerically overwhelmed in the defense stages, which also keeps the immersion level high, and eliminates any guarantee of winning.

I find the Altis server to be somewhat boring and formulaic, as the sequence of events, and the outcomes rarely change. I think it’s a positive move to make things harder for the jet jockies who are used to dominating the game. The only game titles that stand a chance for long life are those in which victory is always uncertain and difficult to pull off. DIFFICULT IS GOOD!