Restriction #11

10 Mins Ago from this post time I just got kicked when I went down in a plane.

Said Restriction #11. IT is one of my mods. Are you able to look at the script see which one of my mods causes me to get this kick everytime I go down in a plane and crash.

Script restrictions are just that; script restrictions. individual mods are not added as a script restriction but instead scripts that a mod runs can be added. This is why you can join the server with NI Arms mini gun mod enabled but, when you try to run the arsenal script to equip it you get a script restriction kick. Wile admins can help you identify the mod (I’m not an admin) I haven’t seen them go into detail on script restrictions as I imagine once an individual with the skills and the wrong intentions gets a hold of the restriction he can find a way around it.

This is a list made by claws of mods allowed and not allowed it is very general and doesn’t have every mod known to man but it does tell classifications of mods or, things mods do that will get you kicked. Any mods that gives a player and unfair advantage (miniguns, explosive .50 bmg, lazer guns, enhanced armor plating, teleporters, cheat menus.) is not allowed. Running scripts to do with these mods will get you a variety of script restriction kicks any where from #0 to #100 and higher.