Restricted items.

Little post here with a quick question.

Why are a lot of the VSM vests restricted? We can only choose from a couple of Multicam vests and most camouflages are missing too, like Scorpion, while they’re available as a uniform (the camouflage). and why are most of the suppressors/flash hiders suddenly missing?

*Owh, I see that the restricted suppressors were temporary.

It is partially still a carry over from the old NAK Tac. The whole point was for everyone to wear the same camo all the time. It is also to discourage players from spending forever on the arsenal playing dress up, and last if the team is wearing similar clothing it is easy to identify friendly “the whole point of uniforms”. When we have played special environments we have added other uniforms.

As far as suppressors/flash hiders nothing has changed, you need to make sure you are using NATO_Rus_Weapons_CBA not just NATO_Rus_Weapons. You will get a dependency warning but it is fine.

I understand. But there are more VSM vests available in Multicam (breacher, operator etc.). Also, there are other variants of Multicam, like OCP, Multicam Tropic and Scorpion. These are available as a uniform (i don’t know about OCP though), but not as a vest (except for Multicam Tropic). With these different vests and different Multicam variants, you can still distinguish enemies from foes, while having more diverse uniforms on the battlefield. I agree with discouraging players from taking way too long at the arsenals to get the ‘perfect’ look. Didn’t see that as a problem, because I prepare all my loadouts beforehand. But I understand what you mean.

About the suppressors, I saw it was a temporary thing before the Zeus mission started. When the Zeus mission started all the suppressors were back.

Multicam > basic Multicam
Scorpion > sort of Multicam, but with a darker tone
OCP > very similar to Multicam, but with a lighter tone
Multicam tropic > tropic version of Multicam

I not just talking about you, not all people are as prepared as you. You also have to remember that the arsenal for NAK Tac is the same for the Zeus server with many more new players. We have Multicam, Multicam Tropic, AOR1, Winter and some variants of Black. How does having the other options improve tactile play?

Of course, it doesn’t improve tactile play. I just thought if it’s there, why not use it. And not everything in the server should improve tactile play right? But I understand your point though.
Also, I knew you were not just talking about me, just tried to explain why I didn’t see that as a problem because I’m used to just loading my loadouts, instead of creating them on the spot. I totally forgot about the people who did that. That was a mistake on my part. Only tried to make that clear.

I think it’s clear that you’re not planning to allow these camo types, so I’d guess it’s better to just close this discussion.

I’m not against adding new things to the arsenal, we just added over 200 new items. But there is a cost in performance in adding items, plus the other issues I mentioned in the previous post. If there is a tactical reason to add an item the decision is easier, which is why I asked.

When we make these types of choices we have to take many players opinions into account, there are some players that would prefer that we just have one choice of uniform, 2 backpacks and 3 vest, which was how NAK Tac was originally setup.

As NAK Tac continues to mature I am sure that we will be adding additional items to the arsenal, but adding them now for no reason other than to offer variety does not align with why we created the Tactical server.

At least I tried to get them in the NAK TACs. I’ll hope we’ll see them in the future.