Resolved - Snake ban on Malden server for trolling TS with music

  1. Name in game: Snake

2.Steam name Steam Community :: Snake

  1. In game message:“You were banned from server, reason: trolling TS”

  2. Name of admin: vgerdj, I would estimate I was banned about 8pm PST. Malden invade and annex server.

  3. In game I had arrived to the AO and decided I would join the TS to coordinate with the team. In game voice chat I had no one say that my music was crossing over to my Mic audio. When I started TS3 I had to update it before I could get the program online after updating I had an issue where all of the tabs (connections, options etc) were bunched on top of each other making finding the options tab a pain.when I joined the Nak TS I got the message that push to talk had been force selected by the permissions in the TS. I got this message multiple times while I was searching for the options to find the button for PTT. I was able to switch to the Malden channel then was switched by the admin. He asked me if i was playing in the server first. Then e let me know that my music was playing in the channel. The first thing i did after hearing my music was playing in the background was mute my mic on the manual mute on the input / volume control wire. Then i typed that i was trying to get my PTT to work so i could tell him that I was unaware it was doing that. I was able to type one more message before I was banned. Afterwards I was able to test my audio and set my PTT key and was able to hear what he was talking about. Possibly my audio cable setup is the cause. (I have to use rca cables to reverse L and R audio because my pc reverses it by default). I was able to get VileAce to unban me from TS before I had to get off for the night. I understand how annoying it is to get that troll that plays music all over side or global in-game and I apologize for the inconvenience I may have caused. I frequent the Nak servers almost anytime I play ArmA, and I would ask to please be un-banned from the Malden server. Thank you for your time.

Even though he said he muted the mic, it was still broadcasting. This was at the same time that the troll looger was on. I assumed that they were one in the same, different name.

Thank you for resolving this. I understand the frustration this causes the community. I have fixed my audio cables and now test my audio prior to connecting to the TS to avoid any further issues.