Resolved - sheepslayerpi ban appeals

  1. Harrison Stallings
  2. Steam Community :: sheepslayerpi
  3. Steam Community :: Screenshot
  4. admin: unsure Server Nak#1 aprox 4 am est
  5. I’m sorry for using a band mod I was not aware it was band a friend of mine explained that as long as the server let you on it was ok to use
    as for the team killing I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to arma and I try my best to to avoid it but some times it happens
    And the mod I was using was exomod remastered if there are any other mods want to know about simply ask
  6. mod I was using Steam Community :: Error

First you need to report the name (link prefered) of the mod you were using. Then you need to look at our restricted and allowed mod list, which was included on the popup screen that was displayed when you connected to the Arma server. Our server allows players to use 1000’s of mods, which would be impossible to ban them all by name, (new mods are created daily)so we ban most with scripts, based on what they do. The others we have general rules that apply, then admins ban players when they are used and players and try to cheat.

If you provide the information that was requested then the ban will be adjusted to reflect the rules that you broke. Most likely 3 days.

Sorry, I did not see that you edited your appeal, I will review it now and get back to you.

Ban removed, please make sure you review our allowed and restricted mod list.