Resolved - RogerCopy - Script Restriction # 11

I’ve noticed players being kicked for all types of reasons and wondered what all that was about. No big deal, it just happens for some reason. Server owners want you gone, you are gone.

The only thing I’m aware of, that could be wrong in my case, to be kicked is.

Playing to many hours (stats say most on server) or maybe a team kill every now and then. Always post I’m sorry for Team kill, when aware of such.

Played last night for over an hour, different server that allowed my same Mods that NakSquad server #2 Malden allows and was not kicked. Therefore I think my system is ok.

I was kicked twice yesterday, once today.

What’s restriction #11 so I may have a better understanding of being kicked three times?

One of Top Players of Malden…

5:01 ok , look like you added a new mod or script inside your pc , so please remove that mod before you enter the server , or you will be ban from all nak server because the mod or script u using affect allPlayer

1 - you the one who trigger the restriction base on the script u have on your cpu
2 - any player with less then 100 hours get automatically ban when trigger those type of restriction and i dont usually remove the ban
3 - why some player got kick , because you did try to excute the script on those players.
4 - if u still belive you not the one , i can copy and paste the log here , but iam going to have to ban you from the server , because by showing you the restriction any one can bypass that restriction .