Resolved - resubmit ban appeal

yesterday I was on your sever with my friends and to be honest didn’t really know what I was doing because I still have yet to surpass 20 hours on this game. I was first accused of cursing at a pilot which I did not, I did tell him to ‘shut up’ which I will admit and apologise for but I am a 100% certain that I didn’t curse at him which I am backed up by my friends.
the second reason i was banned for was team killing. when i respond i went over to a armoured vehicle and hoped in it and started driving it alone what i thought was a road but was actually a runway for jets, i ended up colliding with a jet outside of a hanger which was very noobish and i can but hope you can forgive me for my noobish ways and take this as a learning curve

LUKE / jake cassy kiid

LUKE you should go back to the ban appeals forum, have a look at the template locked at the top of the forum, and create a new topic for your ban appeal.

Luke please read what golden has said other wise your ban appeal will not be appealed

Per Luke M, this player was TKing a few people, was kicked, returned, and then was rude and harassing to people in TS.
He appeared under JAKE CASSY KIID , he changed his name. He told me in TS that he was 14

his aliases in Steam are


Changed to time served (4 days) - Unbanned as of 2:00am ET 12/13/17