Resolved - Oxide's Ban Appeal

  1. J. “Oxide” Blazak

  2. Steam Community :: Geography

  3. Banned For Recruiting - Perm

  4. I dont know when I was or by whom I was banned as I haven’t touched arma since I caused a issue with vile and I decided I should leave

  5. I dont understand how I could be banned for recruiting if I never did such a thing. When I left I asked some members if they wanted to join a discord so we could play other games together still but most wanted to continue playing ARMA instead of moving to other games but in no way did I create, contribute to, join or recruit for an arma 3 community after playing with NAK. Since leaving NAK I stopped playing ARMA and started to stop playing games as much altogether and focus on more real life things. When I did play something it was a driving game offline by myself so I once again dont see how I was banned for recruiting. I understand if there is bad blood between myself and members of the administrative staff and you simply would prefer it if we simply kept our ways parted. I dont want to return to NAK to cause any problems or to act like I’m someone important, I’m just trying to play ARMA again. I’m free to talk on teamspeak tonight and on the weekend if you would like, Just let me know and I can stop by.

P.S. I hope I make it into your Friday funnies G0lden

Your name was involved with a situation that happened a few months ago. Stop by and speak to me in TeamSpeak and I am sure we can work this out.

I will be on most of the day tomorrow, and I am normally on from 5pm to midnight.