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  3. Rule #1. Racism. Permanent Ban.
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  4. Ok. So. I will now break down my statement and explain how this was not (anywhere near) Racism.
    “Time to ensue genetic PTSD with Hitler’s Buzzsaw.”
    When someone says the will ensue genetic PTSD, it means they will scare the enemy so hard their kids will feel it. So, basically, meaning to scare them really really badly.
    “Hitlers Buzzsaw” was a term widely used by the Allies back in WWII when referencing the infamous MG-42, which was what I was using.
    That is it. Literally it. I cannot even fathom how this is seen as “racism”, but either way, I’m sorry in advance.

I understand the first part of the reference, the second part I was not familiar with. The statement was taken with a different meaning, that broched on Cultural Fascism.

I accepted your justification, but would like to say that even the statement as intended is a little extreme for extreme for our servers, but just a little. I will remove the ban.