Resolved - Katherine's Ban Appeal

  1. Katherine, Dark Magician Girl
  2. Steam Community :: Sister Katherine
  3. Image 1 - Album on Imgur (Imgur link)
  4. Claws, Banned from all servers, no time was shown.
  5. So uhh I’m not really sure what’s been going on recently, but I haven’t played in a while and last time I did I flew an F/A-181 around and bombed some targets then had to go, this was a good few weeks ago in fact. I logged into Arma today and noticed that I’ve been banned from all servers for “hacking” which makes no sense at all. I’ve never cheated in Arma 3 before, and especially not on NAK servers ever. I’ve been playing on NAK for a year or so now (Spirit-Actual and Claws both have known me) and I’ve never done anything cheaty or hacker-like ever. Was this a misunderstanding? I legit cannot think of any reasons as to why I got banned. It just doesn’t make sense at all.

If Claws could take a look at it I’d greatly appreciate an explanation.

Thank you!

-Katherine/Dark Magician Girl