Resolved - Hudson Ryder Perm Ban Appeal

  1. Exact in game name.Hudson Ryder
  2. Player Steam profile copy here
  3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering.
  4. Name of admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from. Claws Altis 9:10 pm EST
  5. Explanation, notes, etc. I WAS seeing the option to use the virtual garage and did take vehicles out and used them, once talking to richking about this and him saying that it was not a good thing and it was considered cheating I IMMEDIATELY logged out and disabled the last few add-ons I added to my game and it went away.

i need the link of the mod , before i can remove the ban

The mod I was using is the ArmA RPG which is a dead community and there is no download but I can upload files to a web server to download if you want