Resolved - Home - Ban Appeal

  1. Home is my in-game name, Steam Profile is Chopy2008

  2. Steam Community :: Error

  3. "Rule 12, minimum age on our servers is 16. Banned for perm.

  4. Unknown admin banned me (brother did not know) approx. time was 6:30pm (guess). Banned from Altis attack & annex server.

  5. 13 year old brother decides to get on to Arma 3, sees that I like to play NAK. Joins server. Plays whilst yelling on mic and such and being a general nuisance in VC and TS. Also announces he is 13 to the squad he was playing with. Eventually is permabanned for being underage. I am of age and have been playing on the server for a good while, I do not want to lose my currently favorite server to a small misunderstanding.

The Admin associated with this ban is myself. Ban is lifted effective immediately. However, the primary account holder for username “Home” is fully responsible for his/her actions. Thus, any future violations will be permanent.