Resolved - Gabe Savoy - Unreasonable Ban

I was in the altis server and golden was operating as admin. We had someone not following the rules (team killing and not being on teamspeak while operating as a pilot in an A10 Warthog) for around 10 minutes. I told the player to stop after no action was taken by the admin and the admin told me not to say anything because its the admins job, i told him he needs to do his job because many people are complaining. This resulted in a perm ban within 10 seconds of speaking. I believe this is far out of his rights, I have played on the altis server many times and GOLDEN has operated as admin on many occasions and i have seen this action by him before; I dont believe i should get a ban, much less a perm ban, for the admin not doing his job and me getting enough.

First of all, I am not going to even consider your ban appeal unless you use the provided template in the ban appeals forum → announcements.

Secondly let’s address “i have seen this action by him before.” I’ve gone back two months and you are the first person I have banned for verbal abuse in that time so when you do present your case you may want to get your facts straight because I have access to everything.

I would consider talking this over with someone above me to see if I made the right call but ultimately it is my decision. At the moment you are doing nothing but wasting my time by trying to insult or attempt to ridicule me, even in what is supposed to be your ban appeal. Since you clearly don’t care why should I?

Use the approved format and I’ll have a look but bear in mind that I don’t have to put up with your attitude because it only leads me to believe that you will be toxic in game and detrimental to the server.

Gabe Savoy/Vesco poke me in TS, when you have the opportunity, so that we may discuss this.

Edit - Ban reduced to 7 days