Resolved - firezard - Ban appeal- 3 days for tk?


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    Note: i hope is that what you guys want… i have no idea how get this url copied by the steam that you instal in our pc… a mini tutorial of how get it should be in this template, dont you think? because i get lost ‘-’ so went to steam website… i hope is that.

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4 and 5.

I have no idea of the admin name or what time i get banned… the ban dont happened when i was online, yesterday i got a crash on my pc and i dont went back … last thing i was doinbg was playing as commander in a slammer(the one where the comander just have a camera, not a mg) so… i dont shoot anyone…
i have no clue about this ban, the only thing “wrong” i did yesterday was insulting a real TKiller, that was destroying everything on airport… one of NAK members went full Cap america’s “language” on chat, and i dont insulted anymore.
the most near to a tk i did yesterday which i can remember(and otherwise the SS, not “intentional”) was shooting a moonhawk(with ind colors) that was coming, when the ao went to “defend” mode … but i dont hit him, i sure… and he was ind colours and i dont sure if that was the nak squad server… so i have no ideia why the ban

Ok i was the admin that banned you i don’t know why my name didn’t show. I’m going to give you a chance. But from y point of view the chat log filled with TKs from you multiple times. There is a bug that the command or driver/ pilot takes the blame for a TK. So i’m going to remove your ban.

Another rule is not to use verbal abuse towards other players on our servers.
The matter was dealt with.

ok i hope you guys fix that bug, have a nice day.