Resolved - Denis - Perma Ban after all these years :(

1: In game name: “PhotonMan” for ground ops, or “Denis” for flying ops

2: Steam Community :: PhotonMan

3: “rule #3 team kill, banned for perm, expires perm”

4: “VileAce”, 19:00 central, zues server.

5: Was playing a zues op RPing as a guerrilla group. Put down a charge to ambush enemy patrol, but accidentally hit a friendly. Switched to manual charge after to avoid more friendly fire. After killing another group of enemy was perma banned even though I did not do any more friendly fire. I understand doing a ban for friendly fire, that is fair. but a perma ban seems excessive. I have enjoyed playing on Nak for the past couple years and will be sad to leave :frowning:
Even if you decide on keeping me banned from the Zues server, I would like to be unbanned from the TS so i can use it for the Invade and Annex server.

TL:DR I think this is an unfair ban length for a silly issue.

I received multiple complaints, about you, from players on the Zeus server. 4 separate players, including the Zeus, came to me in TeamSpeak and indicated that you were intentionally causing issues on the Zeus server. The reports were that you had not been following the rules of the server. First you were not playing as part of a squad, second you were not listening to the active Zeus, and third intentional TK.

The multiple reports I received all stated that you placed multiple explosives and detonated with the intent to harm friendlies. If one person had complained then I would not have taken it as serious, but when 4 separate people all state that what you did was intentional , it is hard to believe that it was not intentional.

The reason for the permanent ban was the rules state "If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively. " So just an intentional TK would be a 1 day ban, often increased to 3 days when it is blatant or the intended to disrupt the server as a whole. But because you broke two other server rules you move up two levels of punishment, which would be a permanent ban. After a ban is entered I normally give the player an opportunity to leave TeamSpeak on their own, but after a couple minutes I received more complaints that you were causing additional problems in TeamSpeak, which is why you were then banned from the TeamSpeak server. Normally when we enter bans for one server they apply to all NAK servers, an organization wide ban, which would mean that you are also banned from the Invade and Annex servers.

Because I did not witness the offenses myself, I will keep the Zeus ban permanent but change the organization wide ban to 7 days. I will be putting a notation in your record that any other similar violations will be met with a permanent ban.

Thank you for your quick reponse.

sorry for causing such a disruption. When the mines exploded it did take out 4 people at once. So i guess thats why i got multiple complaints for one incident. but they were intened for the enemy.

I guess i did technically break 3 rules, so i will respect your decision. but thank you for reducing the invade and annex bans.

Once piece of feed back i wanted to leave was about the team speak.
when i got kicked, my game froze up when trying to close arma3. So i could hear every one shouting at once over each over, but i could not alt-tab over to close it. so i have no idea what happened after the kick. which is why the ts ban had me so confused. was i hot mic the hole time?