Resolved - Ban Appeal - MamouPlayboy

  1. Exact in game name: LaCrosse
  2. Player Steam profile copy here: Steam Community :: Cool Hand Mook
  3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering: Battleeye: Admin Kick(hk Claws01Perm)
  4. Name of admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from: Honestly, I have no idea when I was banned I believe I was banned from Claws01 based on the message. I do not even remember being kicked. It appears that the ban is on the Annex Altis and Annex Malden server.
  5. Explanation, notes, etc.: My only guess as to why I was banned was running some mods like weapons that were not welcome?

Sorry for any inconvenience that it may cause in the events of unbanning me. I really like this server and was surprised to learn I was banned when I tried playing a week ago.

“hk” could refer to a hack OR a weapon/vehicle mod that is not allowed. Some players try to use mods intended for Life servers (spawn vehicles/weapons etc) and these are not allowed.

what current mods are you running?

When I play online now I play 100% vanilla because it’s hard to see what mods are allowed and which ones are not. The only time I run mods is with a group I play with then I run ARMA3 through the ARMA3 Launcher so I don’t have to mess with mods through Steam anymore. I have played with mods since Operation Flashpoint since 2002, oo it’s honestly difficult to narrow which mods I was running at the time because I have play with so many mods, if I was going to guess I think it was weapons spawning mod that I forgot to turn off before entering. Again, I apologize about the inconvenience of the situation any will never be an issue because I run 100% vanilla on servers outside of my clans server so this will never be an issue ever again.