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  4. vjerdj (or what ever it may be for the day.)
  5. Note: I normally play on the Altis server. I have a friend that was playing on the Malden server so I joined it to see what was going on. I joined as a pilot, and within the first 15 mins vjerdj contacted me in TS for my TS name not matching my in-game-name: ingame: BOOMHOWER, TS: DaBOOMHOWER. I didnt complain I changed it, not a big deal. After about an hour and a half vjerdj in TS said I need to leave right now for my name (assmonkeys) and change it. I explained that I normally play on Altis and one of the admins there also commented on it but because the “assmonkeys” is a ARMA 3 UNIT (Arma 3 | Official Website) that it was good to go, that they mainly don’t want obscenities in profile names (which I think maybe it was Claws that pointed that out??) The admin vjerdj argued with me and said he didn’t care and I had to leave, so I told him hed have to kick me I wasnt leaving the game and losing my spot because he was all of the sudden offended by my ARMA 3 UNIT. so he childishly perma banned me, and chased me into Altis#1 TS where I was attempting to contact an admin that recalls me being cleared with my unit tag. and thats when the admin “FOX” came in and mediated the situation, listened to us (until vderj rage quit the channel). The solution was to un-ban me from altis but leave the perma ban on Malden in order to bring light the admin abuse (or similarly named conduct) that is going on with that admin and create a ban appeal.
    witness: CORPORAL_CUFF

i can say that the end part did happen and i’m still unclear of what happened and how it started off.

Foxx, it is how I layed it out, corporal_cuff, and X865 both gave verbals statements in ts. you’ve got an admin with some issues. from the way he handled the issue, to how childish he acted in ts. all over a unit name.

I thought about it (i have a bad memory due to combat related injuries) and I’m pretty sure verdj is the one who had the original issue with my unit name, and that’s when the “good-to-go” was given from a more sensible and senior admin, that trumped him, saying it’s good to go. so is this retaliation? lack of maturity? admin abuse? or just the simple fact he doesn’t have the mental capacity to differentiate between the letter of the rules and the spirit of the rules?

is a perma ban really appropriate? just look at the course of action, he killed half the ppl in the server that were in my blackfish when he rage banned me…

I was the one who originally spoke to BOOMHOWER. I did specifically talk to him about the unit tag, ASSMONKEYS. At that time I came to the conclusion that as it was not vulgar and it was not directed at anyone therefore it did not break any of our existing rules. This is partly my fault that I did not put a entry into the players record, that I had spoken to him and “okayed” the unit tag. I will look into this and talk to vgerdj, Fox and the other Chiefs of staff.

In the future I would prefer that if an admin requests that a player do something that the player carry out the request. Then if the player feels that the admin was not fair, then to file a Misconduct Report ( ) or speak to myself or one of the other Chiefs of Staff (Fox and c0p0ut).

Initially, I asked if he could change his name to match the game, (I find most people comply) and explained that when looking for a person in TS, it helps to have the same name, specifically the first part. He got belligerent, and I found that he was really attached to his moniker. No biggie, we moved on. I noticed that he had [assmonkey] as a tag on his game name and stated that it did seem inappropriate for our servers. He said it was allowed by claws, and seemed astonished that I even asked about it. I said that he should change it and I’ll look into it. He told me to go fuck myself and if I had a problem, I could ban him and he’ll go back to Altis. I went to Altis TS to ask Fox to get further instruction and we went into another channel. Boomhover followed us and was yelling, which made me loose my temper for the first time on NAK, so I left. As his appeal shows, this person thinks they are without fault, this is not solely about the name, it’s the lack of respect for admins. If a player shows this disrespect in TS, others follow. It was a simple request that could have been resolved and if the name was allowed, then he gets to use it, who would have thought [assmonkey] as acceptable on NAK servers. Threatening me, and calling me a NAZI, and insulting me and my role as admin is why he got perma banned. Also, the players in his blackfish would not have been killed if he didn’t say “go ahead kick me, I’ll go play on Altis”. Admins have to deal with players ‘stories’ all day long, and make reasonable decisions on our own. But to have a player tell an admin to fuck off, call them childish, and then think his “The solution was to un-ban me from altis but leave the perma ban on Malden” is in the best interests of NAK, seems quite unrealistic. Having to deal with mass TKs, vehicle carnage on the carrier deck, pilots not in TS, every 10 minutes, is the job of an admin, we don’t have to put up with being told to fuck off by player who deflect their own culpability in this escapade. On the NAK web site, the rules start with “If you feel you were wrongly warned/kicked/banned, do not argue in game. Arguing with an admin in game WILL result in a 24 hour ban.” The reason he was banned was Rule #10, the reason for the perma ban was the continuous violation of Rule #13

I was in the Malden TS at the time the incident happened. If you want my input as a witness then look for me on TS, id prefer to discuss it there.

I don’t want to go around in circles but thats a very convoluted recollection of what happened. you can/should be able to see in the ts logs where he FOLLOWED me into altis. ask anyone else in the ts at the time, I complied with the original request to drop the “Da” from DaBOOMHOWER. actually foxx was in there and said it wasn’t a big deal and I changed it anyway to appease the power tripping admin.

look just at the logs, theirs enough evidence to prove his previous post is rittled with discrepancies.

speaking with copout about this ban appeal and what happened when i was involved. He later searched up the name (assmonkey) and the only things that came up where self directed comments or nothing that can offend other people “really”. I personally have no problems with the name and i would unban you from supervising you yesterday or this-morning however the time zones meet. But it is not up to me to unban you, it is up to the admin that banned you.

thnx Foxx, I can play on altis but id like to play on malden when my friends are on there, I really shouldnt have to suffer due to an admins lack of maturity. he’s not going to unban me unless hes told to, or is relieved of his duties and someone does it for him. (as he so elegantly put in ts before he rage quit) maybe time to bring in (or back) the big dogs?

should I file an admin abuse report to get claws involved since the ban is now directly personal?

I believe all bans have been lifted at this time. Please contact an admin if they are not for further review.