Resolved - Ban appeal for SpungBob

  1. SpungBob
  2. Steam Community :: SpungBob
  3. Screenshot - e9fd046cc9d7a281e54e13eeb14eb9e1 - Gyazo
  4. Admin name unknown, time of ban unknown. Ban is from Nak#1 invade and annex
  5. I play on this server regularly and never had any warning for doing anything wrong from an admin. I went to join the server on 5/17/18 and I was greeted with this message and I have no idea what I did wrong.

You were banned on 4/27/18 for using a harmful mod, or a mod that is clearly used for cheating. If you can provide any justification for using that type of mod, we will consider your appeal.

im not sure what mods i was banned for, i only use steam workshop mods like the star wars operation mod, as well as weapon mods. other than that i dont use mods which is why i am confused.

You might want to review our post, which discusses the allowed and restricted mods.

it was possible that i had cup vehicles activated because i use this mod a lot, and the star wars operation mod has a jumptrooper jetpack in it, i see now that it is against the rules to use jetpacks, sorry for the inconvenience

ban removed, becareful next time

thank you for your help, ill be careful