Resolved - Air Cdre. Angelov UNBANN!

Air Cdre. Angelov

Vgrdj no idea what time at.

It was an unintentional teamkill i did apologyse and i got banned from teamspeak as well.
I didn’t want to kill him. We were joking around and i was saying i will come in the server and bomb you and etc…
So someone actually did laze him at side mission maybe it was just a bad laze and a bad coincidence even tho this would be hard to believe…
Well thats about it Thanks


09/15/2017 7:38 PM CST -6

You had another pilot bomb my location, and when that didn’t work, you said you were coming back into the game to TK me. There were 2 other people in the TS channel that heard you say it, and they were speechless after you did TK me.