Resolved - Admin Misconduct

Offender’s Name: LT. COL VileAce
•Description of the offense: Banned from game and teamspeak “perminantly” immidiatly after joining both (didnt even get a chance to accept terms). Was given the discription of “Greifing”… Benn playing this server for a few years and all through my deployments, also paid money for this organization. Admins should not bann players without reason. I am fired up for this…
•Server misconduct occurred on: Altis server/ Team speak
•Approximate time and date the offence occured: 2050L 2018/06/25
•Were there admins online? If yes which ones? Vileace
• Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*)

You came into TS and yelled where are all the fat bitches, twice then you said something else that myself and other believed was “eat p#@@y” The fact the you cam into and did it twice and jumped in and out of channel it what I would consider griefing, but it also violates rule #3 #5 and #11 in TS. It is hard to imagine that this is admin misconduct.

I did join and say “yoo” then disconected and said “where the fat bitches” never said the second remark that would be just out of context if i did. was really hyped to play today. The reason i was in and out of the room; i just downloaded this overwolf program that shows the window in game and everytime i minimized it i was disconnected over and over.

Did not know if you tried to correct the situation before taken action because of the disconnects.

Not my job to correct the situation, your jobs not to break the rules.

okay… what can i expect for the outcome of the ban appeal to be?