Resolved - Adalwen - Ban Appeal

  1. Adalwen
  2. Steam Profile Link: Steam Community :: Vape God
  3. You were kicked off the game. (Battleye: Admin Kick ([Rule Bad Robot] Banned for Perm - Expires Perm by Claws01))
  4. Claws01, UTC-06:00-2:34am, Nak#2
  5. Me and my friend were fooling around on an empty server, During this time I killed Claws01, while flying a helicopter, as I am inexperienced with attack helicopters, I was somewhat practicing. I enjoy the Nak Very much and would Love to be able to play on the servers again.

Just saying that typically that ban is for getting kicked for script restrictions / hacks / scripts. Also, not a good idea to mess around on one of NAK’s servers and kill the owner. I’d have to let the admins dive into this one since I don’t know the details.

I think your ban might have been adjusted. Try joining the server again and advise if it is still in affect.

Adalwen was able to join the server and did so on 08/26. Incident marked as resolved.