Resigning as Admin/WO Position

NAK Community and its members;

Effective 1 Jan 2018, I will be resigning my Admin position :shock: . I am thankful for the opportunity to assist the community in any capacity I could. I unfortunately will be unable to continue past this month to deal with any day to day monitoring of the servers or helping with any future planned events.

There are a number of factors that led to this decision, but most importantly with my new job coming up in Jan, I can not even give any reasonable amount of time to gaming. I will still promote and play (and donate) on the servers long after my admin privileges are removed.

If you have any further questions in regards to this, please contact me directly whenever I am on TS or via direct message.


sad to see you leave hop you have a great time with your new job :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your time and efforts placed in the NAK community. Best wishes for your new job!

Here’s a glass to ya man. Good work with all that you’ve done. I’ll see you in game some time.

I’ll still be gaming - I just won’t be dealing with the hassle of the ban hammer after the 1st - one less stressor to deal with. So ladies and gents…go ahead and drop all the F’bombs you want after I leave. lol

Forget that I’ll drop one right now Fu(User Was Banned From The Forums)

LOL - try getting VILE to overturn that - NOPE!!

Chuck, you and I had some great times together admining, also had great times just having a conversation. I truly am happy that you got the job you very much wanted, to further your career for Law Enforcement. I for sure will miss ya ( I know you said you’ll be around but still ill miss ya) I wish you best of luck in your job. Take care Chuck.


P.S we do kneed to play some more games together.