Your server is Awesome

I just request that another A-10 Wipeout be placed so we have two, it is a very popular aircraft and we would love to see 2 spawn.

Considered the idea please!

Also have all plane response in 5 minutes.

Thanks for considering

I think the main reason there is only 1 wipeout is because we dont want air support to be TOO powerful. Remember that there is infantry players and i dont think they would like joining the server to play only to find 2 wipeouts completely killing everything.

We try to keep it fair for everyone and i know some people already think there is way to much CAS aircraft to begin with.

As far as respawn goes, i feel it is kept that way so that a player has to fly a bit more carefully and cant just fly into the AO, fire off all off all of his armaments and then crash because he can just grab another fully loaded jet and repeat the process.

These are just my thoughts on the subject.

Thanks for playing, we are glad you are enjoying our servers.


As Bill Nye used to say; “Consider the following”; . . .

I agree with the respawn time, in fact, I think it should be increased for aircraft. Especially fixed wing and other direct engagement flyers, that said, I also think there should be more air power. I see the Ghosthawks and a Hellcat on the Altis server with the odd Blackfish Gunship. Why not a Kajman that only has one life or a Blackfoot? (On a side note, maybe a few more vehicles in general. A Kamysh maybe? :smiley:)

Add more mission spawns with more AI, better equipped AI to boot. Their skills are alright at the moment but A3 AI has always been finicky at best.

The other day my friend and I were playing and we requested CAS a few times, marked attack points with smoke but the one pilot was too busy either avoiding enemy jet or respawning. If we had a secondary wingman as eyes in the sky, we could have a bit more air support across the board.

One question I have that I have not yet found an answer to for the ‘Invade & Annex’ missions is the following:

In most all cases, why are there only ONE of each type of vehicle model in the missions? E.g. 1 Ghosthawk, 1 Camo Ghosthawk, 1 Orca, 1 etc…
Assuming that the roles are all on the BLUFOR(NATO) slots, wouldn’t it be slightly more realistic to have 3x Black Ghosthawk, 2x Blackfoot, etc. scaled accordingly, instead of a mix of one of all different types of vehicles.

Thanks in advance!

Most players like the variation. We are not trying to be realistic, on the Invade and Annex servers. Our Zeus server does tend to be more realistic and our NAK Tac unit, is even more realistic than Zeus.

How do you sign up for NAK Tac? Very interested

At this time we’re no longer accepting applications for NAK Tac. We will be opening it back up in a few months after we get everything established. Though it doesn’t hurt to stay active in NAK in general, as things can change.

Disregard Ollie’s above post. You can still apply for the NAK tac unit here:

Phase one of recruiting is complete however and we are not accepting full roles at this point. You can still complete an application and you will be added to the reserves to fill in when needed until we are ready to open the 2nd platoon.

The Spawn Times should all be 10 Mins, that is a good Balance

The server has alot more enemy spawning in recently and it gets annoying when randoms come into the server, grab the planes, crash them or get shot down cause they have no idea what they are doing, so now we cannot take out our targets, and they run off with the cheetah. Then we have to wait 15 mins and then once again 2 enemy jets are in the air again.

I know you look for a balance which I agree. But maybe consider reducing the about of enemy jets and also their re-spawn frequency, it has been terrible the last week almost to the point were I have given up.

Recommend Spawning in 2 Wipeout. This has become a popular plane and arguments get started over the use of it. Two would help calm people down and allows pilots to enjoy this. To help with the over kill of CAS with two wipeouts, maybe set their load-outs so you cannot load a hell of alot of CAS and you have to land and rearm more so you are not killing the sky’s so guys on the group have nothing to shot. Two planes but with less of a load out, only 4 macers rather then 12.