Request: Facewear

Last night Vile spoke of NAK TAC as a non MilSim environment. So I ask if there’s the possibility of some user end customization in regards to Facewear.

In the military we have standardization and supplied equipment. Hell in Aviation they gave me WileyX sunglasses… (never wore them unless I was weed wacking the yard).

But if possible can we customize our own face setup, shemagh, glasses, balaclava, combat goggles etc.?

We have considered additional faceware, and it is likely that we will and a limited arsenal will some face options. I personally have never been big on the “dress up” portion of the game, but I understand that some people enjoy it. In the long run, NAK Tac will have a custom mod for all of our uniforms, patches and faceware.

Some guys just need to put on their Revlon

Easy Breeze Beautiful cover girl.

Setting a piece of facewear in your Arma profile will spawn you with it. That’s how I got mine during the first op.

Face ware will be included in your arsenal by default. Until I can make changes the mission and edit the arsenal you are just going to have to deal with it. face ware is purely cosmetic and shouldn’t change how you play the game in a mil-sim enviroment or not. So its not my #1 priority but it will be available in the future.