Reply and information about squad consolidation

This is a post in reply to a discussion in Alpha squad forum, but the information is relevant to everyone, so I posted the reply here.

We do not want to consolidate, at this time. The rules state that once a player misses 4 events without notifying the Squad leader he will be moved to reserves. Squad leaders should be taking attendance at all mandatory events. When a player misses 4 main events without letting the squad leader know prior, inform the Command company and we will move them into reserves and move a reservist into the squad. Once a player is moved to reserves if Command is not contacted by the player they will be removed from the squad. We have many players still in reserves, and we have about 15 players that we have applications for that are not even in the reserves yet.

We expected about a 30% drop out rate. Partly due to the amount of time between taking applications and starting NAK Tac, we have had a higher drop out. As more videos and pictures get posted we will get more people returning and more new players interested.

I recommend that each squad leader contact their players and reservist by email (I have an email list for each squad), do not use the web site forum for this initial contact, and ask for all of them to reply. Set some reasonable ground rules for how your squad will communicate and what the expectations are. Set up a mandatory meeting or training. Once you have made contact you will have an idea as which players are going to active.

If you do not receive replies to your emails, let the command company know or bring it up in a weekly NAK leaders meeting, and we can discuss the steps to take.

If a squad does not have enough players for a specific event, we will integrate them into another squad, or have them perform a specific task where a full squad is not needed.