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  3. Gamehack 38
  4. 7/10/2018 on NAK Altis
  5. Alright VileAce.
    I’ll level with you here.

What happened?
Same thing as last time, left cheatengine running in the background after using it on another game and forgetting to close it.

-" there will be no other chances in regard to Arma cheat mods or programs."
Yeah you did tell me that, Infact I’m not entirely sure why I’m wasting my time making this appeal.
I haven’t used cheat mods, I accidently loaded the NAK basic pack on Altis last time cause I didn’t know it was for NAK tactical.

“Why should I even listen to you and not just deny this right now”
I’ve been in your position before VileAce.
I’m community manager of another gaming community with over 20 thousand registered users.
I know exactly what its like to hold people at my mercy. At the end of the day, you have to do what you think is best for your community, and I fully respect that. I’ve tried to be reasonable with those under ban appeals I’ve handled in my community.
I’m hoping that you are atleast as reasonable as I am.

So whats gonna keep this from happening again?
I figured I would be smart enough to close it after using it on another game and switching to play Arma, especcially after the trouble it caused me last time. Turns out I was wrong. Not as smart as I thought, Go-figure. (Humilitys a sucker aint it)
So here’s my permanent solution. not again... - Album on Imgur
You won’t be seeing me in the section ever again for this.

How do I know your not lying to me?
That’s for you to decide. Everyone and their mother knows Battleye detects cheat engine immediately.

1.I’ve been playing on malden with 6 other people all day and I’ve caused no trouble.
Anyone I’ve played with will tell you that I’ve made their time in the server more enjoyable.

2.I like to play arma 3. I don’t like to get banned on Arma 3.

3.I have nothing to gain from cheating or trying to cheat on NAK servers except a ban.

4, See point 2

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice?
Well, the only person I’ve fooled here is myself, I’ve been completely honest with you and rollacanda.

My final request?
Ban me if I actually cheat, ban me if I insult somebody or disrespect your admins, ban me if I use illegal mods or act crazy in the teamspeek. Ban me for ANY of your community rules, but please don’t ban me forever for being a dumbass and accidently leaving it running in the background again… I’m my own victim here, the only victim.

I’ve not cheated nor tried to cheat, and I have no intentions of cheating nor intent to break any NAK rules. The only feelings I’ve hurt are battleyes. I think your judgement will tell you I’m not a threat. The only reason you may not wanna unban me is because you said in a public ban appeal that there would be no other chances. It wouldn’t be lost on me the favor you’d be doing for me.
You have nothing to loose by unbanning me, and everything to gain from having me around NAK.
If I mess up like this again, I will personally vanish into the night never to be seen again.
You have my word on that.

Last chance, and I mean it this time.