Removed - 2nd LT Michael.E.Peacock - Ban Appeal

  1. 2nd LT Michael.E.Peacock
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  3. “Enjoy your ban” fox :slight_smile:
  4. Admin’s name is Fox. I do not remember the server I was apparently banned on, but I do know it was six months ago.
  5. I do not actually remember why I was banned. I had a friend of mine reach out to you guys on the team speak and they looked into it and said that there was not even a report filed on why I was banned. Also the admin who did the banning is no longer a member of your community. All I know is that when I connected to one of your servers today to play with my lads I got that wonderful message above telling me to enjoy my ban. Also its permanent. With respect I would like this removed please, but again that will be up to you.

I really need you to try to remember what happened. I am going to have a hard time reversing a head admin (at the time) with no justification on your part. It looks as if you did a massive TK (10 plus players) just before the server was going to restart.

Well I am not known for tking unless it is to kill another tker from harming anyone else. Most likely what happened was I was piloting a helicopter and it crashed killing everyone inside. Arma registered it as the pilot killing everyone and the admin saw it and without hesitation banned me.

We are going to have to wait till I can speak to Fox, your explanation is not what the logs show.

May I ask what the log shows?

I am going to give you one more chance, any rule violations in the next 90 days will be met with a permanent ban. After 90 days any violations with be dealt with in the manner described in the NAK Server rules.