Reduced - Walker - SRC. Walker Ban Appeal

  1. Walker(TS) SRC. Walker (IGN)
  2. Player Steam profile copy here (ex:Steam Community :: claws01)
  3. You were banned permanently from the server by “Aelgalden” (Racism)
  4. Name of the admin, and approximate time of ban - Aelgalden 20:25:21 BST (England)
  5. I was not aware of the strictness of Racism, i was implying the word “Cunt” was like the word “Nigga” after being told that i had said the word cunt about 4 times in the past minute and was saying its just a word and how after so long it kinda be comes desensitise to it

Aelgalden you are welcome to add any details about the situation.

The rules are very clear. We post them here on the web site, when you connect to the game server and when you connect to TeamSpeak we send two messages, one popup and one as a server broadcast indicating where to find the rules.

Rule #1 says: NO Racism.
1st Offense: Permanent ban.
Definition: Any and all racial slurs are considered racism by NAK and will NOT be tolerated.

I was told you also violated Rule #14 multiple times which would also qualify for a permanent ban
RULE #14 says: No use of indecent; obscene; lewd; sexually explicit language – this includes any words generally considered curse words.
First Offense: Kick
Second Offense: 1 day ban
Third Offense: 7 day ban
Fourth Offense: Permanent ban
Please watch your language. This is a public server. We understand that we play an age restricted game, but we choose not to have this type of language in our community. If you tend to curse, mute yourself, and refrain from typing in-game chat.

The rules have not changed that much since the last time you were here. Rule #1 has had that wording for at least a year and a half. As NAK Elite we expect you be an example to other players. You let the NAK community down in that regard.

At this point the ban will stand.

I havent played in 2 years popped on and i clearly make a mistake i admit to it im not arguing im at fault but i would like the chance to apologies and admend my mistake.

I understand that you are a older player and things have changed in the community in which being a older one also back when NAK was more lenient on what you say but within joining the Altis server before joining Teamspeak you had a popout that you could have read and also being next to the billboard in-game which has the major rules which all apply into the Teamspeak also, but within the few moments you were in teamspeak you had been cursing about getting a script restriction and then that turned into the whole “C” word episode then using the “N” word which was totally out of line and you had chances to read the rules as stated before and by saying that word you had upset another player to the point of them leaving the game and Teamspeak because they were offended by you saying it in my opinion i’d say to keep the ban and would like to see a change and apply for a appeal in 6 months if that is wanted by others also.

I do not expect players to remember each server they connect to and when, but you have been on multiple of our servers in the last year, so you have had multiple chances to see the rules.

I am going to give you a chance, but not without “punishment” for the offence. You will not get any other chances in regard to violating rhese rules on the server.

We do take intent into account when a player uses a racist term. In your case I do not believe that you were calling a individual or group a racist term. So for that offence I will lower it to 14 days.

For your numerous violations of rule #14 use of indecent; obscene; lewd; sexually explicit language. I again will give you the benefit of intent that you were not calling an individual or group an indecent name. But the use of such words, at all, are against the rules of our community, for many reasons, therefore you will receive a 7 day ban for those violations.

So in conclusion, your ban will be for a total of 21 days. Any future violations to rule #1 or #14 will result in a permanent ban.

Thank you for taking intent into account, Thanks for reconcidering and giving me another chance. I agree i should of been more mindful and agree with the punishment