Reduced to 3 days - expired - ban for no reason

Hello good Morning
I wanted to know why I have a ban for 7 days if I have not killed anyone I have several days with the ban and I have not killed anyone the day I was banned I was driving a helicopter for transport I do not think that I would kill anyone with the helicopter
I hope you help me solve the problem
I’ve already taken two unfairly
to be able to enter to play on the server thank you very much

I know english may not be your first language, so please next time use the “template” we provide for ban appeals, it makes it much easier to find the ban.

You were reported for team killing by Mavrek. 02/20/2018 12:01 PM (Side) Mavrek Admin, Report Sgt Sito for FF.
For most people a Team Killing report would just be a kick from the server, but in your case you had 3 prior bans on record, one for Team Killing. I also found 2 other complaints of Team Killing by you when an admin was not online to deal with it.

I will lower to ban to 3 days, which will mean that the current ban has expired, but if you TK, you must respond and provide justification. The ban length is just going to continue to be increased if you continue to TK. You also need to be aware, if a gunner kills a player it is reported as the pilot, by responding and providing justification when you are reported for TK’ing, we will take a more detailed look at the situation.