Reduced - Time served - Ban Appeal-Matthew

In-game Name: Matthew Mariani(was just Matthew at the time)
Steam: Steam Community :: AltoSalamander1
Ban message: You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick (Rule #3 banned for Perm - expires Perm by VileAce))
Admin Name and time: time unknown(it was a few months ago; admin: VileAce, server: NAK coop)

I was told to appeal again in a few months, I believe, and it’s been that long I think. I’d just like to apologize for my naivety and my TK-ing in my first few months with Arma 3. I took justice into my own hands in regard to others TK-ing and I realize now that that was a mistake. I should have just reported them to the admin and every time I launch Arma, I see the NAK servers and I think about this mistake. I’ve realized in my half-year+ of owning, playing, and reaching almost 300 hours in the game that I should’ve taken the warnings and rules much more seriously. I’ve matured, and if you in-ban me, I promise to you that I’ll follow every rule and report those that aren’t. I’d really appreciate a second chance. Please accept my sincere apology and please consider permitting me to enjoy myself with others on the NAK servers.

Thank you for considering my appeal,


My notations in your file indicate not to unban you, but I’m guess I’m in a good mood. I going to give you one more chance, but any rule violation that would normally be met with a kick or ban, in your case will be a permanent ban. Consider yourself on permanent parole. This is your last chance.

Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Also, what does parole mean in terms of server access?

Parole means, any rule violation that would normally be met with a kick or ban, in your will be a permanent ban. At this time you can access any of the public servers at any time, with no restrictions.