Reduced - Ryontheruler- Ban Appeal

  1. Alan

  2. Steam Community :: ryonicals

  3. You were kicked off the game. (Battleye: Admin Kick (Rule #1 Racism. -Permanent Ban. Entered by G0lden))

  4. G0lden, Monday 2 PM(?) EST, NAK #1

  5. I had been calling out for you in the Wipeout, G0lden. After a few minutes of trying to call out to you on Teamspeak, I realized you weren’t on there, so I called you out over side channel. “Where you been at, muh silent nigga?”

And it appears you took offense to that. I apologize for using it.

I would like to make the argument that my use of the word ‘nigga’, however off-color you might have seen it as, was NOT a ‘racial slur’ but closer to the word ‘friend’, or if you really want to go there, ‘Homie’. The point is, the difference between a racist statement, and ordinary speech, is context.

We’re all playing the same game together, I would like to think that makes you my teammate, ally, ‘Brother-in-arms’, whatever the hell you’d like to call it. I am a team player at heart, I enjoy nothing more than working together with other players on a concrete goal.

Now, I’d like to continue to play with you all, being made very aware of the fine line your server has, between what’s safe to say and what isn’t.

And It’d be a shame to lose contact with the regulars that play there. If it helps at all, I’d be willing to bet they’d vouch for my ‘Personal character’.

This one word I used, which I believe to be taken out of context, is not indicative of my attitude as a player, my ability to work as a team member, or my potential toxicity. I have shown absolutely no indication of being racist to other players, besides this one instance of using a potentially charged word.

I apologize, and if my ban is lifted, promise to keep in mind that not everyone feels the same way about such word usage.

Hey Alan,

I didn’t take personal offense, I was merely reinforcing the automatic ban to reflect the punishment reflected in rule #1. I’ll have a look when I get home later this evening

I will be reducing your ban to 7 days. Regardless of whether it is considered “ordinary speech” or not, it has no place on the server. I did ask for permission to reduce your ban because I know that you didn’t mean it in a malicious way and I am confident that you won’t make the same mistake twice.

NAK’s policy is extremely strict on the subject and it doesn’t matter what the reason is or how it is used, it is still a problem. I cannot simply unban you because that would set a bad precedent and make it seem like it’s okay. You don’t know who all is on the server or their backgrounds so as I said before, it simply has no place on our server.

The ban will end on 04/30/2018 5:35 PM