Reduced - Ornstein/Solaire Ban Appeal

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  3. Csat or Gook uniforms that they cant bitch
  4. Vileace
  5. I was attempting to call out a Friendly squad that was using Csat and Guerrilla uniforms since they were getting mad at me for shooting them while we were under fire from Hostiles in the area. Full thing posted.
    DRG SLA.Ornstein
    Dude your in the area where Hostiles just paradroped!
    06/11/2018 7:36 PM
    DRG SLA.Ornstein
    Can we make it a rule where if you shoot sombody that has Csat or Gook uniforms that they cant bitch if they get shot by a Friendly

Please read the reason why you were banned (it displays when you attempt to connect to the server.). You were not banned for teamkilling you were banned for racism, because it was not said with the intent to degrade the ban was entered for 7 day instead of permanent., but continuing to use a racist term, here in your appeal, shows that maybe the ban should be increased.

Gook (/ˈɡuːk/ or /ˈɡʊk/) is a derogatory term toward East and Southeast Asians, especially Filipinos, Koreans, and Vietnamese.[1]

—used as an insulting and contemptuous term for a nonwhite, non-American person and especially for an Asian person.

The ban will stay as a 7 day racism ban. The ban will be in effect until 06/19/2018 12:47 AM.

As a side note, we do have a rule against players that wear CSAT clothing, if they continue to wear the clothing and report TK’s or use the punish feature. All you have to do is report it to the Admin. To report a player for breaking server rules send a message that includes “Admin ‘player name’ and rule they are breaking.”