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  4. Admin: Wave, Time: around 01:30 PM (GMT+1), NAK #1 Altis
  5. I am sorry this happened. I have been playing on your servers for some time and never had issues of this kind, since the community looks peaceful and professional. I am sure the problem came from my sentence in between brackets “oh look, he’s black. SHOOT”. I was referring to and episode of non-intentional teamkilling of one of our own teammates, totally dressed in black uniform. A stupid joke, no doubt. I never wanted to be offensive nor racist, since I am not and will never be racist in real life with people. I understand this might have triggered your rules, as it should be, but this happened only once.
    From now on, I promise, something like this will never happen again. If it does, I am ready to take my responsibilities for my actions or words. I am humbly asking for a second chance to redeem myself from my clumsiness.

Thank you,

Francis (or ScreamingFrancis)

Hi Francis,

Thank you for your ban appeal. I like that you immediately recognize the issue and admit you made a mistake. However, we at NAK wish to be an open, welcoming and friendly community to all gamers, and therefore strike really hard upon intolerant players, or players that make offensive remarks towards others based upon sex, religion, race or any other traits. There is no place for racism on this server, regardless of what context.

However, due to your mature approach and this also being your first offense on our servers, I have had a talk with the head admin about reviewing your permanent ban. You will still be punished for breaking the rule, but I am willing to give you a second chance on this server, by modifying the ban to a time limited ban (a 7 day ban).

Francis: special autistic forces
Francis: you hate black outfits
Francis: always the black dued
Francis :“oh it’s black. SHOOT” lol

These are the logs cut from the server. The reason I have cut in the first line aswell, is because I want to give you a big warning: Check your language. If you keep up the same phrases, I guarantee you will break the rules again and then its going to be a permaban, no excuses.

BE ADVISED**:** this is your second and last chance, don’t make me regret my decision.

Strongly advise you read them and memorize them.

I am very glad I could speak with you directly. Again, I am sorry this has happened and I recognize my mistake.
Thank you for the second chance,
I will see you around in a week.

Best regards,