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Been playing ARMA 3 for a long time and the NAK Servers as well, downloaded a lot of mods and tested on NAK (Sometimes got kicked for using them lol) But I’ve compiled a list of some highly recommend mods to use that are allowed on the server.

VSM - Steam Community :: Error
Well, all of the VSM mods really. Mostly a cosmetic mod and adds in some great combat vests, they’re very stylish and offers some good uniform combos. Highly recommend it to people who wanna look good on the battlefield.

THS (Tactical Hand Signals) -
This mod is useful for them special ops missions or in general, allows signals like hold and advance. And has added a “Tap on shoulder” system, for breaching and clearing moments.

S.M.A (Specialist Military Arms) - Steam Workshop::Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1
SMA Weapons are brilliant weapons, much more effective than vanilla and even RHS! These weapons actually feel effective rather than the RHS weapons, they offer a good variance in M4 styles, and ACRs and good scopes. The dev behind this are planning a bunch more weapons in the future.

3CB BAF - Arma 3
A pack of mods entirely dedicated to the British! Offer some great weapons and some nice gear and very good DMRs and Snipers.

Advanced Urban Rappelling - Steam Workshop::Advanced Urban Rappelling
This mod is great for people that wanna quickly rappel down a building quickly, such as the towers and the large buildings. Offering the ability to fire from the rappel stance.

RH Pistol Pack -
A pistol pack worth downloading, it offers a huge variety of pistols to try out, desert eagles, fully automatic glocks. All sorts!

Complimentary weapons - Steam Community :: Error
A weapons pack I sometimes use, it offers a great Assault Rifle (Sometimes tricky with the aiming due to weight) and has a range of pistols, Five-Seven, Desert Eagle and has recently added a corner-shot gun, for them CQB moments.

I’m constantly on the lookout for mods all the time in ARMA, feel free to post any suggestions below or personally message me for any recommended mods, I’m more than happy to share with you.

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