RE: Liberation config

Did what ya asked @Vile best way they say is just change the defaults in the ui/mission_params.hpp file. I would go this route too I tested it and its more reliable then trying to use the ‘params’ button on the lobby and hope it saves or loads (cuz it never seemed to ever work right) attaching a copy.

  • Disabled stamina cuz I didnt see a way to tone it down

  • Turned AI down to 4 per squad max (that can be put to 0 if needed)

  • Day time is 6 hours and accelerated nights

  • Anyone can medic (like how nak pretty much does everywhere)

  • 30 second revive time (idea was more tactical its not ace but its not a 3 second revive either)

  • Redeploy on mobile respawn set for 5 minutes (avoid respawning instantly upon dying in the field, bleedout is 5min also)

I’ll do some testing later today with the arsenal see if whitelist/blacklisting are the arsenal load/save lagspike/client hang issue. or if it goes back to how they do their arsenal as a custom like ace does… shrugs

My only suggestion personally would be somehow use possibly ACE, and have AI incapacitating on also. Makes it more of a challenge if enemy dont just instantly ‘die’ but sometimes get knocked out just as we do as players. (was going to suggest that for tac also)

Hope this was what you were looking for I’ll be on later today in Liberation. (time for sleep…)
mission_params.hpp (9.41 KB)

TY will look at it and give it a try.

as for the difficulty settings inside administrator.arma3profile I just use the custom settings that they suggest.

We can not set AI to incapacitation on NAK Tac, because if the Zeus is controlling an AI we get stuck and can not leave until they bleed out. We tried that setting and it just can not work. As far as using ACE on Liberation, it will not happen, at this time. We need to keep the server as a public server, and servers that require mods generally don’t last long, unless that have strong base to begin with. This server does not have the base to keep it running, using mods.