Rant about those out of control CAS freaks

Hey all,

today i got really upset in game with the lack of reasoning with some pilots. I’m not going to name or point out specific pilots, but something has to be done about the random reckless bombing of entire towns just to get 1 EI on some rooftop.

First off, arma is firstly an infantry game. There is nothing more annoying to see a mission start, go to the arsenal, get the right gear, go to the mission, find a good spot, and have all the flyboys swarm the mission like flies just bombing the entire town. It takes away all the fun for any ground based units. There is nothing really to do for us infantry.

CAS = Close Air Support! Support as in to support ground troops if needed. Not just the random desctruction of every building.
You will loose or keep players away due to that behavior!

CAS should strike only if requested by ground troops, or if some heavy armor is making life hard, but not just bomb every building.

This is so unrealistic and fux up the entire fun/gameplay.

Make it a rule: CAS upon request!

I’m always in TS, and i listen to what they say. It’s amazing, after a flyby TK, you hear the pilot say shit like “Colateral damage for the greater good”, or “i can do wtf i want” etc…

This is BS!

If you think i overstepped with my choice of words, ban me, otherwise do something about this. I’m seriously tempted of taking an AA launcher with me and TK those people!

Maybe altis isn’t the sever for you if you want to control how other players play. The Zeus server might be a better fit for you.

Maybe you are right. Maybe this server is not for me after all. Shame, i really liked it if it was not for just this one issue that ruins gameplay for any infantry class to those trigger happy pilots.

Guess I will have to keep looking for a server that i can call home.

Regards and good luck.
LoKii out.

There has been a lot of posts about this. But to be honest there is not much you can do since it’s an open server and you can play any play style you want. I would suggest what REAPER6 said and try out the Zeus server or go to a less populated server like Malden or Lythium
(I suggest Lythium it’s tons of fun).

Lokii this is normal for the server around this time of year. Things will start to get better in a couple weeks. Steam just had the summer sale and kids are out of school for the summer in a lot of the US.

We have elected not to require pilots to get approval for CAS runs, so you will get pilots who bomb a town just because the AO is new. We have removed enemy markers on the map to try and discourage this, but it is still going to happen. We have designed the Altis server for both infantry and air assets. If you are upset because the pilots are getting the kills and you are not, there is not much I can do. If pilots are friendly firing (not just TK) then report them to the Admins and we will take care of it.

As Reaper 6 said, you might want to try the other servers, not to get rid of you or anything, but the Malden map is smaller, so the pilots do not tend to like it. It does tend to be very infantry oriented. The default mission on the Zeus server is also very infantry oriented, there are no air assets at the beginning of the mission at all.

86 cluster bombs… tbh that is the one reason I never use them (that and leaving XO’s everywhere)… I personally never attack infantry unless Im asked because I think of the players on the ground. (and I actually go and sit on the runway waiting alot of times just waiting for a call-in)

As for the icon killer its a lot harder to tell if friendlies are near anything something you got targeted as a hot target but cant verify its location or side… I dont mind not seeing infantry gone just would like to see vehicles/air at least if its spotted so I can judge where they are vs friendlies (saying that with the fact I accidentally bombed 5 people hiding next to a T140 I think on Sat after passing over it twice and verified it was enemy)

Nah, that’s not it. It sure as hell is not about them getting the kills instead of me. In general (my 2000+ hours of arma) has more to offer than a number of kills. I as a sniper/recon unit (on other servers, even I&A) will often spend hours just marking targets on map or planning out attack routes and painting targets for CAS without firing a single shot. It’s really not about scoreboard here. I’m 40+ years old, i’m past scores and numbers. I just want to have fun. I just want to play.

Lets put it like this: As an infantry unit, its forbidden to use for example HEAP rounds to take out vehicles, or HE rounds to take out infantry. We are limited (which is ok, i’m not arguing/whining about the constraints of infantry weaponary), but when we want to play, we can’t cause CAS is like griefing us with heavy ordinance taking out the entire town in minutes. Yesterday i spend over an hour just watching the map. As soon as any new side/AO spawned, all the flyboys like flies started circling the new mission and just bombing the hell out of every building. Like flies swarming after some rotten leftover. That’s not war, thats just BS.

We as infantry can not get close to the AO, or we will be TK’ed. We as infantry can not shoot anything cause there is nothing left standing.

Whats the fun ? Just sitting and watching the CAS destroy the entire town, just to finish the mission? The goal here is to finish missions or for the players to have fun? The fun is actually doing the mission, not reading that the mission is complete.

To further go in to details, your missions are not designed for that heavy kind of armory that the players have available. A squad of 4 people can complete any AO or mission (except that CIA OP mission) without the help of CAS. CAS is just a nuisance at this point.

I’m not saying to cancel CAS. I’m not saying to take away their fly toys. I’m not saying for them to stay on the ground.

What I am saying is that they act as CAS, and not as scriptkiddies who think they are something special. The other day I was with a squad ready to go into a town, and in side chat: "Everyone get out of town, bombing in 30 secs).

Seriously? The result was most of us got TKed.

And no, i’m not going to spend my entire game time chasing people to report.

There are clearly lack of rules on this server. I don’t want a full tight MIL sim here, so don’t come with that argument either.

What i and many others want is to play, and infantry can not really play here. Most of the time (except some peak hours) you have more pilots online than infantry. All of them swarming like flies.

GBU for 1 AI on a rooftoop?
Gun run for 1 AI running in the streets?
Mass town destrucion to clear 1 rooftop?

You know what the sad thing is? I as a sniper often clear out more AI in a single mission than all the pilots combined in 5 missions!
That is a fact! My point here is that, their CAS runs are just useless most of the time. The only usefull CAS runs are the ones that are being lazed and/or requested. Every CAS run that is not requested is not doing anything except destroying parts of the map.

NOTE: I am not talking about all pilots, some are really good pilots, ethical, helpful, and so on. I’m talking about the other half that are just retards. I and others OFTEN call in for CAS support. We laze targets for them, so there is no lack of need for CAS. Otherwise why not just add artillery and nukes, so its just once mouse click to destroy the mission in 1 go. No need to even paratrop there. Just click click and mission over. I mean that’s where this is heading to.

Take some advice from me, ive been game admin in various games for 20+ years.

  • Add atleast 3 tigris and much more AA manpads to EVERY mission The idea here is that if CAS wants to come in close, infantry has to take out the AA first! At this moment, you have more CAS than enemy VICs or enemy bunkers.

  • Make CAS upon request only. They can help out by recon and marking targets on map since they have a better view from up there.

  • Take out clusters, no need for them.

  • Make CAS weaponary only possible if there is a lazer marker on a target. No more blind mass destruction that way.

  • Remove paradrop, and let pilots do more logistics. Believe me, if you up the AA like i mentioned above, even air logistics will be more challenging and fun to play!

  • Edit your missions so the AI doesn’t always spawn at the exact same positions. Make them patrol more, put them inside different buildings, different rooftops, not always the same exact positions.

  • Right now it all feels like a dumbed down version of COD.

Also in your rules you state that griefing or any form of ruining a players experience is forbidden. Well, CAS is griefing, and they are ruining the gameplay for infantry.

Try to listen more to the community. It’s them that you want. Remember this: 1 happy player will bring 2 new players. 1 unhappy player will take 5 with him on his way out.

Oh, and get rid of that stupid ridiculous rule that nak-elite pilots don’t have to be on TS, wtf are they? The queen of england or what? It messes up vortext.

AT the moment the only positive thing you have going here is that you allow mods. Everything else is just like some dumbed down version of any pc game.

Make stricter rules, weed out the trolls, listen more to your community, in this case the players. At the moment this server is a flyboy server, nothing else.

Forgive my choice of words, and if i sound a bit aggressive. It’s just that I am allergic to bu11sh1t. I say things the way i see them. I don’t care about speaking politically to not step on anyones toes. If you can’t handle that, delete my posts and be done with it.

Hey there Loki, I just wanted to say that I think you are taking this a bit too personally, and this might be making you more upset than what it should. CAS pilots can sometimes be an issue because they do whatever they want to. But mostly, the pilots that just bomb the entire city are new players with low experience at flying. This may be due to the recent Steam sales and the time of the year, and that it is not always like this.

My advice, alongside with David’s, Reaper’s and Vile’s, is that you give a chance to any other NAK server, as they are less popualted and have a lot less pilots. I recommend the Lythium server, you can download the mods required from the workshop that you can download here

Regarding your post, NAK is a public server and not a mil sim as you mentioned, so there is nothing that the admins could really do to control this. Upon a new misison, there is quite a lot of anti air, as you mentioned it in your points, and there is as much as 20 missiles following me when I fly to a new AO. Many times pilots go down from these AA and there is no jets flying around for the beggining.

Also, about your request of removing Halo-Jump. That has been discussed many times in the past, and it is not going to happen because people dont want to wait at the base for 10 minutes to get picked up as this is a different style of server from other mil sim servers.

I do agree with you on that there are many pilots that dont even check their maps to confirm if its friendly players or not, but as Vile said, it is mainly due that we are at this time of the year.

Also, you mentioned that CAS weaponry should only be able to be used if there is a lazer, but pilots can put their own lazers up, so that wouldnt have an impact over them in my opinion.

I also feel that clusters are not necessary and still do not know why people take them, as they dont kill AI, but rather enfuriate them. I dont think that there will be changes made to cluster bombs, but that is up to the admins.

But please, check out other NAK servers as they might fit you better, and even bring some friends so you can have more company! You should give them all a try and see which one you enjoy the most :wink:

Sounds like you would really like the sabotage missions on the Zues server when nobody is Zeusing. The people in there often play the way you are describing and there is no air support.

Lokii I am sorry you feel that way, but NAK has been around for a long time and we have made the mission to what players ask for. We have done many of the things that you have suggested in the past and many of them did not have the desired result, and we have discussed others and opted not to implement them for one reason or another.

NAK Squad has 5 servers running right now so we can offer different choices and environments for players.

I believe that everyone has at least address your concerns, we may not agree on the solutions, but I want you to know that we do take players opinions into account.

If you would like to discuss it more you can find me on TeamSpeak.

One last thing — I also forgot to mention that if you are interested in a more tactical gameplay, you maybe should consider applying for NAK Tac.

NAK Full Tactical unit is a group of players who meet twice a week and play on tactical missions which is as close to a Mil Sim as NAK can get.

Many experienced players play on these events and you would be a great addition, you can find more about NAK Tac here: https://www.naksquad.net/full-tac/

I am looking forward to playing with you! If you have any other questions about NAK Tac you can ask an admin on TS3 :slight_smile: