Radio Procedures , Alphabet and Numerals


This is your friendly neighbourhood SSG Zero and today i have made up a list of standard military radio procedures that you can use in NAK TAC, Zeus missions and even on the main servers. In the document are the most common ones and the ones you will most likely only be using but if there are a couple that i have missed then my apologies and feel free to post them here so other people can add it to their list, also feel free to download the document or save it and use it as reference.

I have also provided the Military Phonetic Alphabet and Numerals as well and how to properly pronounce them as well. I will also be creating a outline for contact reports and sitreps as well as repair requests for vehicles but those will mainly be for people that do Zeus missions and NAK TAC because it will bog down comms in the pilots channels. So if you would like to use them i would highly suggest that you submit a application for NAK TAC or do Zeus missions or you can even do both if you so desire to.

I would lastly like to say sorry for not being on as much as i want to as my computer is currently getting fixed and i feel i have not helped the NAK community as much as i would like to so if you have any questions military wise feel free to send me a message and i help you to the best of my abilities. Also if you want anything posted like standard procedures for anything military let me know and i will do my best to pull something together so you are able to use it while playing and make your NAK experience that much better.

as always have fun, play hard, game hard but not to fry your graphics card cough cough and strive to be the best that you can be.

SSG Zero.
Standard Military Radio Procedures.pdf (142 KB)

Very nice Zero, will definitely refer people on my Zeus missions to this forum post

Thankyou Medi really appreciate it