radio and arsenal

when you port in, and run to arsenal box, click arsenal, and task force message pops up, not installed, you click ok, you can’t get back in arsenal. You have to abort and port in again.

Which server were you connecting to? My guess is that you were connecting to Altis #1, which does not have TFAR installed. Verify that you are connecting to the correct server. The IP address and port for “[NAK] | Nak#2 | I&A | Full-Tactical | @Tfar | Altis” is port 2302

From you Arma 3 launcher

  1. Click “Servers”
  2. Then enter “[NAK] | Nak#2 | I&A | Full-Tactical | @Tfar | Altis” in the “Filters” field
  3. Click “Servers”
  4. Then click “Direct Connect”
  5. From the popup window enter the IP address
  6. Verify the port defaults to 2303
  7. Click “Connect”

If this does not work let us know or find an Admin online in TeamSpeak and we will be happy to help.


should be fine now :smiley: