Public get togethers

Posted in the NAK Tac Steam group, under events, you will find a couple new entries. The first is for Thursday the 26th. Below is the event posting. Participating in these events will count as service hours for upper NAK Tac ranks.

Public Server - Get together
April 26 @ 07:00pm EDT

This is not an official NAK Tac event, but it is a scheduled time for NAK Tac members to connect to the public servers and play using NAK Tac strategy and style of play. This event is on the Malden server.

The objective for this event is:
For NAK Tac members to get together and play.
To expose non NAK Tac members to the NAK “Tactical” style of play.
To recruit players that would be an asset to NAK Tac

Although this is not an official NAK Tac event, we do expect NAK Tac members to always represent NAK Tac in a positive light.

Interesting idea. What are your plans for grouping squads and implementing a command structure?

Might want to figure out how to let the players not in naktac know about this ahead of time also as they probably don’t look at nactak events in the steam group.

Honestly would depend on mods. If we dont use alot of mods (TFAR & ACE) we could use groups as the 110’s, so for group talk, and have all the Squad leads (+ lead pilot or ATC whom dispatches pilots) on command channel.

We could make announcements on the scheduler (which can cover all servers) , but its all up to Vile ace.

No I mean are naktac members gonna be team leads with pubs taking orders or are we gonna group the naktac players together? Just wondering how it’s gonna work with random players on the server. We won’t be using TFAR or ACE because it’s on the Malden server not Zeus server.

Will be there!!

Wish i could be there but i unfortunately have some other commitment. maybe next time

This is just a get together on the public servers, no additional mods will be implemented. There will be no restrictions as to what mods the NAK Tac players use (other than standard server restrictions). This is really no different that a bunch of NAK Tac members playing together on the public server.

At this point I do not have plans to announce it to non NAK Tac members, any non NAK Tac member on the server is welcome to join in with us. My hope is that just a large group of players working together will spru some interest, from the regular players.

All standard NAK server rules apply, no NAK Tac restrictions apply, other than I hope that NAK Tac members will treat all public players with respect and represent NAK Tac in a positive way.

Gotcha. Malden has been pretty empty lately though so it will most likely just be us and a few others. Should be fun though. Hopefully get some air support going. Haven’t don’t that in a long time on that server.

I think once the server gets 7 - 8 players on, additional players will join. It seems that you need to reach a certain threshold before other players begin to play on a server.