Proposal: New roles on Zeus servers

These roles are weird, I must admit but I feel like they could add to immersion.

Enemy Commander
This would be a Zeus that was dedicated solely to controlling enemy units, and would work with the main Zeus. They couldn’t spawn in any thing, only control and move units made by main Zeus. Basically this person would be playing an RTS against real players. This could make the Ai a harder opponent as the commander could get units to flank and do other tactics. This role doesn’t need to have its own slot, rather the commander would simply agree not to break rules by taking control of AI (they could only tell to move and fire) and not to be in same TS slot as main infantry.

This would a small minor role that could be fulfilled by main Zeus or by a non Zeus player working with Zeus. The actor would add small interactions to the world by being basically a talking AI. They might drive down road in a vehicle which might make world feel more alive. Maybe they have car broken down and try to get infantry to help them (their chose could determine future rewards and problems). They could also take over enemy soldiers to shoot near infantry to spook them, or they could pretend not to see them and could direct chat talk to themselves

Both these roles don’t add a giant amount to the game, however I hope that my ideas might help you the reader think of your own! And who knows maybe you’ll see me on the side of the road asking for a repair!

Sort of stemming off this, I’ve noticed a lack of the medic role in Zeus. Is there a reason for it?

@CodyHawkCaster we have 2 Zeus roles to give the Zeus’s flexibility to work together or work against each other. It is up to the primary Zeus to decide how the other role is used. But the Zeus is never “on” our server supposed to be playing against the players. It is the role of all Zeus to create missions, not try to beat the players or win the game.

As for the actor the Zeus has the ability to take any player and switch them to any of the 4 available teams (opfor, bluefor,independent, or civilian)and make them an “actor”.

It is up to the Zeus to use the tools available. We are working on “approving” Zeus experts so new Zeus know who to go and ask these sort of questions.

@Mythi, during our normal missions all players have the ability to heal and revive, and all players are engineers, mostly because at times when the server has only a few players, not having these roles would be a problem. But on the Altis map there is a Rifleman/Medic role in each squad that has an increased ability to revive, meaning they revive twice a fast, otherwise the role is the same. We you the vanilla revive and healing abilities.

The reason why we do not use a more advanced medical script, is do to performance. Having a Zeus place items on the map real time is a big performance hit on the server, so anywhere I could use built in Arma features I did.